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gdaycliche's Journal

G'day Cliche
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Ask Australians For Help
This used to be a Yahoo Community.

G'day mate!
Are you Australian? Want to be Australian? An Australian out in the world? Travelling to Australia on holiday or business? Want to talk about your travel experiences to or from anywhere in the world? Like to talk about cultures, anywhere? Have Australian friends or want some? Have moved to Australia? Doing an assignment on Australia? Want to discuss cultures, not just Australian? Want to find out and ask about the little differences in lives? Want a nice friendly place to hang out and discuss things? Want to ask some questions about any culture or country and hopefully, get an answer from someone? Make nice friends from hopefully all over the world? Have fun? Talk about Australian issues? Discuss travels around the world? Watched a movie or tv show or read a book and don't understand the Australian references? Want to tell us about a small tourist attraction?

Well, then this is the group for you! This site is for Australians, people who like Australians, and basically anyone who wants to talk in a civilised manner and have fun!

pagansfandom For Catherine Jinks and her books, particularly the Pagan series.
language_nerds For those who love languages, or those learning a new language.
aussie_boosh For Australian fans of The Mighty Boosh.

If you would like to affiliate with us, just comment on my LJ or on an entry I've made in the comm.